These are suitable starting points for literature search:

Academic search engines:
Web of Knowledge
Reaxys (Beilstein / Gmelin)
Chemical abstracts on the web
Google Scholar

You can try your favourite search engine, but be aware that they are typically only suitable getting a very specific result.

Have a look in the library catalogue:

Oria (at NTNU and others)
Max Planck Institutes library catalogues
Max Planck Virtual Library

NTNU students may check out an introduction from the library:

You can search publisher websites, but of course your results will then be limited to literature from this publisher only.

Standard textbooks are another good way to get into a topic, such as you obtain via the library. In electrochemical-related corrosion mechanisms, the Encyclopedia of Electrochemistry (in particular, vol. 4), is an often useful starting point.

The websites of other researchers working in your field may help you to find articles.

Scientific social networks (e.g. researchgate, may help you to find certain literature, and also to access reprints or preprints.

Searching websites of relevant universities, research institutes or other organisations can also lead to work, especially if one knows that they are active in a certain field.

Relevant databases in different areas will be listed elsewhere on this site.

Be always careful about what you read!


This post was generated in the PhD course MT8102 "Corrosion and Surface Technology" at NTNU, 2018/19